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clindamycin phosphate (apis)

quality standard:chp/usp/ep

registered trademark:wanbei


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clindamycin phosphate has strong antimicrobial activity on gram-positive bacterium, especially for anaerobic bacteria.

in october, 2015, bulk drug of clindamycin phosphate was awarded title of “anhui industrial competitive products”;

in december, 2015, our invention patent-crystallization method of clindamycin phosphate, was awarded of anhui excellent patent;

the project of new technique research and industrialization of clindamycin phosphate, won 3rd prize of scientific and technological progress in 2013;

in april, 2013, production line of bulk drug of clindamycin phosphate, got eu cep certificate;

in 2008, new synthesis technique of clindamycin phosphate passed authentication of anhui science and technology bureau.

[ english name ]clindamycin  phosphate  
[ pinyin ]kelinmeisu  linsuanzhi
[ structural formula ]

[ molecular formula ]c18h34cln2o8ps  
[ molecular weight ]504.97
[ appearance ]white or almost white crystal powder, odorless, bitter taste
[ function and effect ] 
cilindamycin phosphatehas strong antimicrobial activity on gram-positive cocci and anaerobic bacteria.

quality standard

item usp standard ep standard chp standard
content ≥758μg/mg
(as clindamycin)
(as clindamycin phosphate)
(as clindamycin)
relative substance lincomycin phosphate≤1.0% impurity b≤1.0% lincomycin ≤0.2%
lincomycin ≤0.5% impurity l≤1.0% clindamycin≤0.5%
clindamycinb phosphate≤1.5% impurity e≤0.5% clindamycinb phosphate≤1.5%
7-clindamycin phosphate≤0.8% impurity f ≤0.5% impurity a≤1.5%
clindamycin3 phosphate≤0.3% impurity g≤0.2% /
clindamycin≤0.5% impurity i≤0.2% /
clindamycin≤0.5% impurity j≤0.2% /
/ impurity k≤0.2% /
other unkown impurity≤1.0% other unkown impurity≤0.10% other single impurity ≤0.5%
total impurity ≤4.0% total impurity ≤2.0% other impurity≤2.0%

address: 158, jintai 5th road, economic development zone, suzhou, anhui, china  tel: +86-557-8491903,  +86-557-8491903  fax: +86-557-8491901

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